GOODLEKS bread bags is an innovative technology created in Ukraine

Hi there!
Welcome to our textile store for food storage goodleks.shop. Let's tell you a little about our technology and introduce you to our products.

We are a young, fast-growing company that produces products for organic food storage. Our storage technology is patented and is of high quality. The production of our products is located in Ukraine.

We have been around for a little over a year, but we already have strong partners, such as large retail chains, bakeries, grocery stores and grateful customers, but we have higher ambitions. We want our wonderful product to reach every home in the world.
Our dream and mission is to show the world our ecological products worthy of the best hostess. We are sure that people from all over the world will appreciate our product.

Three-layers technology

bread bins Three-layers technology
Our main product is innovative - a textile bread bag, which has a unique three-layer technology to preserve the freshness of bread!
1. The inner layer:
100% cotton (untreated natural cotton fabric in direct contact with the product).
2. The middle layer:
moisture-retaining layer (food membrane with perforation for air circulation).
3. The outer layer:
100% cotton or linen (the natural fabric that gives the bread box attractiveness, style, you can choose the desired color or print in the style of your kitchen).

Why choose our GOODLEKS breadbins?
The freshness of the bread lasts up to 6 days, because the inside is unprocessed natural cotton, and the outside is 100% natural linen or cotton fabric, in the middle is a membrane that retains moisture.
The material of our bread bags prevents the growth of the fungus, your bread will not bloom in the bread bag.
We care about the environment and use only natural fabrics.
Our Breadbins is a stylish addition to your kitchen. Do you still think about what to give to family and friends?
GOODLEKS bread bins are an integral part of every home and will be a good gift!