Bag for vegetables and fruits

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The main rule - Store vegetables separately from fruits.

The fact is that apples, pears, bananas, and apricots emit ethylene - a gas that accelerates the ripening and spoilage of nearby fruits and vegetables.

Our bag is made of natural fabric (cotton) to ensure good airflow. The fruits should lie freely in the bag, because the closer they are to each other, the faster they begin to rot.

A natural fabric has the ability to absorb excess moisture, which allows the product to stay fresh longer.

It is advisable not to wash vegetables and fruits before sending them to the refrigerator, otherwise, mold may appear on them. If you do wash them, dry them thoroughly before putting them in the refrigerator.

Dimensions: 32cm x 36cm.
Material: 100% cotton.
Shelf life - unlimited.
Terms of use: put vegetables or fruits in storage. If the bag is dirty, wash it by hand at 30 ° C and use it again. Do not iron.