Bread bag "Peony" (embroidery)

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Well, finally, the long-awaited embroidery on exclusive Italian linen !!!
As in the theater, art begins with a hanger, so in every home, beauty and comfort begin with the kitchen!
The kitchen is the heart of every home. Here we "conjure" on a delicious "signature" dish; we drink tea with people dear to the heart; we discuss the past or the beginning day.
And, of course, you want to do all this in the comfort and beauty of your favorite kitchen, where every detail is thought out and in its place.

Terms of use:
1. Remove bread from store packaging or polyethylene.
2. Put the bread inside the bag without additional packaging. 
3. Store one type of bread in one bag, i.e. only white one or dark, do not mix! Keep bread no more than 6 days in a bag. If the temperature in the home exceeds 25 ° C, we recommend storing the bag in the refrigerator.
Terms of re-use: Clean-up the bag before putting the fresh bread in it: remove all the crumbs which are left from the previous bread and thoroughly dry the inner part of the bread bag.
If it's too dirty and soiled, just wash the bread bag and use it again.
Care: wash by hand at 30 °C or on the mode "Delicate wash" in the washing machine. Unfold the inner and outer bag, dry, iron with steam, and use again.