Eco-bread bag "Dairy"

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To spend less money, to spend less time on trips to shop, to increase terms of storage of bread, to eat ideally saved products is real, it is necessary to buy only the Eco-bread bin for storage of your bread.
Only our bread bin has a unique three-layer technology for preserving the freshness of bread! It's not just a cotton bag. Our breadbasket consists of 3 layers.
The first layer (inner) is 100% calico (natural cotton fabric that comes in direct contact with the product)
The second layer (middle) is a moisture-retaining layer (food membrane with holes for air circulation)
The third layer (outer) is 100% cotton (natural fabric that gives the bread to charm and pleases the eye).
This technology allows you to extend the life of your favorite product three times longer than usual.
Thanks to the membrane, the bread retains as much moisture as it needs so that it does not harden, and thanks to the holes and air circulation, bacteria do not multiply and, thus, the bread does not mold.
In addition, the use of EXCLUSIVELY natural fabrics, allows you to further protect the product, thanks to its antiseptic properties.
You will need our Bread bin on a picnic, on a trip, in the country, and on the holiday home table. It can be a very nice and warm gift for your friends and family!
Bread bin "Dairy" - made of 100% natural calico fabric.
Coarse calico is a cotton fabric made by weaving linen threads (they are intertwined crosswise). The surface of the fabric is smooth and matte in appearance, the same on both sides. The fabric is environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and durable.
Dimensions: 32cm x 36cm.
Material: 100% cotton (2 layers); 100% p / e food perforated membrane .
Shelf life - unlimited.
Terms of use:
1. Remove bread from store packaging or polyethylene
2. Put the bread in storage in the Bread bag (without packaging)
3. Put white bread separately from Black (in different bread bags)
4. If the bag is dirty, wash it by hand at 30 ° C or in the delicate wash mode in the washing machine, unfold the inner and outer bag, dry it, steam it and use it again.

If the temperature in the house exceeds 25 ° C, we recommend storing the bag in the refrigerator.

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mike g.
United States United States
Looks and Works Great

The bag feels well constructed and sturdy and has been doing a great job keeping my bread fresh. Thanks!