Wax napkin "Maxi"

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Wax napkins are a piece of cotton cloth covered with beeswax.

They appeared recently. But it is said that this is how products were stored in the times of Ancient Egypt.

You can wrap vegetables, fruits, sausage, cheese in it so that they stay fresh longer. They can store any food except raw meat and fish.

Under the action of heat from the hands, the wax package becomes slightly sticky and pliable. It is easy to fold and takes the form of a product.

Wax napkin is used to store food at room temperature, in the refrigerator or freezer.

Another important point is to store wax napkins when they are not in use. It should also be remembered that napkins should be kept away from heat sources. An ordinary drawer is perfect for these purposes. The main thing is that it was not near the oven.

Dimensions: 35cm x 35cm.
Material: cotton - 100% waxed (beeswax; pine resin, jojoba oil).
Shelf life - unlimited.
Care: after low-fat foods such as vegetables and fruits, simply rinse the napkin under cool (up to 40 degrees) running water. If the napkin is more heavily soiled, just walk on it several times with a sponge.
Regarding the use of detergents: it is quite allowed. The only caveat: avoid alcohol.
After washing, you should dry the napkin, just put it on the dishwasher.

WARNING! do not dry on heaters. The water from the napkin just drains, and the napkin is ready to use again.