Waxed Cheese Storage Bag (linen)

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So why do you need a GOODLEKS cheese bag?
What are its advantages? How do we store cheese at home? And what about design and beauty?

A bag for storing cheese will not only save your favorite product but also add bright accents in the refrigerator, which will please the eye and add style.

How we store: at best, in waxed paper in which the product was brought from the store. Paper is a good thing, but unreliable ... It unfolds in the refrigerator, our cheese accumulates odors, weathers, absorbs excess, and we no longer eat cheese, but a mix of cheese-based products.

Our bag does not unfold (wax has a tendency to stick (close)), it is convenient both to take out, and to put back in a refrigerator. The cheese does not acquire unnecessary odors and does not give off. It lasts longer due to the fact that the wax composition has powerful antibacterial properties, which prevents germs from growing.

Wax is a natural antiseptic that allows air circulation.
Pine resin is a natural antiseptic that gives wax elasticity.
Jojoba oil is a natural antioxidant. Due to the high resistance to oxidation, prevents the appearance and reproduction of bacteria.
Flax is an amazing material of plant origin! Flax is a natural antiseptic, it does not survive pathogenic microflora and fungi.

Dimensions: 29cm x 19cm.
Material: outer bag: linen - 100%; inner bag: cotton - 100% waxed (beeswax; pine resin, jojoba oil).
Color: yellow
Shelf life - unlimited.
Terms of use: put the cheese in storage.
Care: pull out the inner waxed bag, wash it (by hand with warm water (you can rub it with a sponge if it is very dirty), let it drain the water.

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Great product

These bags really do help make the cheese last longer. I was a skeptic but was tired of having moldy cheese sometimes only a few days after buying. I don’t thing the cheese is invincible in these but I can tell you I haven’t had a mold problem since buying them.

Linda N.
United States United States
Eco friendly and Cute

I recently decided that I would transition slowly from plastic wrap to bees wraps to reduce the use of plastic in my household. So far I can say that it's very efficient at keeping my foods safely covered and fresh. I also find the print very cute as well. It's also a fun way to teach the kids that we are not hurting our oceans with more plastic. They are very easy to clean and store, definitely will be purchasing more.